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Metal fabrication businesses sell used equipment for many reasons: relocation, expansions, upgrades, or closing up shop. Mac-Tech’s expert equipment appraisal services help you set a price that reflects your machinery’s true worth, so you can get the proceeds you deserve to reinvest in new equipment, expand, create a reserve fund, or pay down debt.

Shops that are expanding or just getting started need machine appraisals for insurance purposes. Make sure you have the coverage you need for the machines you have and the value they provide to your business. Call Mac-Tech for machinery and equipment valuations whenever you’re obtaining, updating, or replacing machines.

Our equipment appraisals are based on years of experience coupled with acute attention to current market conditions, machine capabilities, and run history. Our expert technicians can inspect your machines, recommend and perform maintenance that will prepare your machine for sale, and ensure you get the right price for a machine that still has considerable life left in it.

When we do machine appraisals, we know we’re looking at more than a piece of metal fabrication equipment: we’re also looking at the history of your shop. Perhaps you’re expanding or moving to a new location, and you’ll either be upgrading or downsizing your equipment. We know that when you sell an old machine, it takes some memories with it out the door.

We know our machinery and equipment valuations matter to the health of your business. When it’s time to let go of the machine you used to start your business—or make way for more sophisticated equipment featuring computer controls, lasers, and expanded capabilities—understanding the true value of what you’ve got can make a difference. That’s why Mac-Tech is devoted to superior customer service and offers rapid response times alongside expert advice.

Equipment valuation services involve much more than simply identifying the age, brand, and model of the machine you need to insure or sell. As resellers of used equipment, we have direct and current experience of market conditions, including the prices buyers are willing to pay and the machines they’re most interested in purchasing. Our technicians have serviced hundreds of machines like yours, and we know their quirks and their strengths. We’ll offer you our honest, unvarnished opinion about the resale or insurance value of your machines. Call Mac-Tech for equipment appraisal services today.

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