Machine Calibration

Lasers and CNC controls are supposed to ensure extreme precision in modern metalworking. However, metalworking machines are subject to wear, vibration, and thermal variations that can throw off precise measurements, and the instruments are made to sense tiny variations in thickness, curvature, or basic dimensions like length and width.

That’s why Mac-Tech provides machine calibration services for your metalworking equipment. Re-calibration to ensure precise measurements for your output is essential to guarantee consistency. Metalworking machinery, from press brakes to laser and plasma cutters to beam coping machines must produce parts that meet specifications measured in millimeters. The slightest variations can throw off a whole project or result in rejected parts that require costly replacements.

Equipment calibration is an ongoing responsibility for every metal fabrication business. It’s important to ensure that metal machinery calibration is accurate and that machines can produce pieces that are within specified dimensions, will fit where they are intended to go, and are as free from defects as they can possibly be.

At Mac-Tech, we know how important precision is to your company’s reputation, sales, and repeat business. Our equipment calibration services ensure your equipment is providing the precisely measured parts that it promises to produce.

Calibration can slip due to several factors, from alignment issues to lubrication to simple wear. The devices and software that define and measure dimension and weight must be regularly checked for accuracy against an independent standard to make sure you’re getting the results you need.

At Mac-Tech, we know metalworking machinery, and our machine calibration services employ the latest methods to adjust your machines to produce bends, cuts, and curves that meet specifications and satisfy your clients. Whether you’re using hydraulic or electric machinery, we can inspect and calibrate your equipment to give you confidence that what comes out of it meets the measurements you’ve programmed into it. Call Mac-Tech today for metal machinery calibration services.

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