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As with electronic devices, repaired or rebuilt metal fabrication machines can provide years of additional service—if the work is done by experts like those at Mac-Tech. Whether or not you bought your equipment from us, we provide cost-effective machine repair services and machine rebuilds that will keep your equipment running and save you money in the long run. When you keep using what you’ve got for as long as the machine can reasonably last, it buys you time to save for new machines when you’re ready to make that major investment.

At Mac-Tech, our experience has helped us develop expertise in a wide range of machine types and brands. We can advise you on what’s needed to keep a press brake, a beam coping machine, metal shears, rollers, or fiber and plasma cutters running well for their full specified useful life.

We’ve seen it all: our familiarity with machines just like yours has given us insight into the quirks of particular brands and models. We can show you how a repair or a rebuild can save you money and improve your equipment’s performance. In our years of performing machine repairs and machine rebuilds, we’ve learned that optimizing a piece of metal fabrication equipment sometimes comes down to simply replacing or rebuilding a few parts.

Other machines have put in such long, hard service that a major rebuild or repair may be necessary. We’ll advise you honestly about whether it’s worth the expense to try to get more life out of your existing machinery or if it’s time to invest in new equipment. However, we’ll always give you all the options as we see them, and the final decision is up to you.

When you choose Mac-Tech to provide machine repair services or machine rebuilds, you can be sure you’ll get our full attention and renowned customer service. Your machine will come back to life and run better than it ever has before, with significantly reduced downtime, better speed, and greater precision. Call Mac-Tech for expert advice and excellent service today.

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