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Mac-Tech provides many maintenance and repair services for all of your machining needs. We are well-versed in how to properly service and repair each machine we’ve ever sold—but if there is one thing we could be considered experts in, it would be hydraulic press brake repair and maintenance. When it comes to providing hydraulic press brake service, we have a wealth of experience that guarantees we can complete any repair on most press brakes on the market.


Diagnosing the reason behind press brake failure can be a frustrating challenge. When you’re not even sure where to start looking, you can find yourself spending a lot of time and manpower determining what the issue is—if it can be managed at all. Our experienced crew will be able to diagnose any issues your press brakes may be experiencing. Simple issues can be diagnosed over the phone, but more complex issues will require an in-person, multi-point inspection to determine the true source of the damage or malfunction.


Upon diagnosis of the issue, we can rapidly begin addressing the required repairs. Our top priority is completing your needed hydraulic press repair service in a timely fashion. We will do whatever is needed to keep the restoration process from halting, whether that involves the expediting of needed parts or the keeping of long hours.


If there is one thing that cannot be overstated enough, it is the importance of ensuring that proper preventative maintenance is done on all of your machinery. By providing proper press brake maintenance, you can save yourself from a ton of repair expenses down the line. If the necessary preventative maintenance measures are not taken due to the existence of certain deadlines or forgetfulness, you may continue to operate your press brakes to the point of malfunction. This typically causes much more trouble and costs significantly more than if you had instituted a regular preventative maintenance plan. In other words, prevent your problems with our hydraulic press service.

At Mac-Tech, we can provide you with a preventative maintenance schedule and ensure we make it out there to service your machines before they fail on the job, saving you time and money in the long run.

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