Machine Analysis

Everything was ticking along just fine in your metalworking shop, but suddenly it seems like processes have slowed or products are turning out with less than ideal results. Measurements are slightly off, edges aren’t precise, or bends and folds are uneven.

When your press brake’s output declines in quality, with imprecise bends that are deeper at the center than at the ends of long workpieces, something’s up. But where do you begin to understand what’s causing the problem, or to identify why machines aren’t working as well as they used to do?

Call Mac-Tech for machine analysis services. We can provide machine performance testing that will identify areas of concern, from calibration to alignment. We provide machine inspections that can reveal if someone accidentally used the wrong lubricant, if metal dust has contaminated control panels, or if a press brake has suffered ram upset from miscalculations of appropriate tonnage. We’ll look at the tools and dies you’re using to determine if misalignment is affecting quality.

Often your problem could simply come down to deferred maintenance, contaminated lubrication, or attempting to produce a too-tight bending radius for the materials going under the press.

In addition to press brakes, we can look at plasma and laser cutters, waterjet cutters, shears, tube bending machines, and beam coping equipment. We value our reputation for honesty and reliability. We’ll give you the straight story about our findings and our advice on what to do about equipment that isn’t working correctly. The fix may be a simple cleaning, lubrication, or recalibration. In other cases, you may need new parts and components, a retrofit to install upgraded software for your CNC controls, or a new control system. Rarely, the best answer may be machine replacement. We respect your business and your budget and will try to use our machine analysis services find the most effective, yet economical, solution for your concerns.

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