Metal Shop Floor Plans

Introducing a new machine to your shop can disrupt your existing workflows and create unanticipated issues with your team. Mac-Tech can help; we can create a metal shop floor plan that positions your equipment for optimal efficiency and workflow, while also ensuring your team has a safe work environment and enough space to operate without interference.

Even if you’re not adding equipment, you may be frustrated with the pace of production or the way your team seems to feel crammed on your shop floor. This not only affects your ability to produce the volume of work you need to remain profitable, but it can also be dangerous for your team. Your metal shop floor layout may be the culprit.

At Mac-Tech, we use our expertise to help machine shops create a metal shop floor plan that works efficiently, provides enough space for safe operation, and allows your team to work without obstructions getting in the way of their productivity. We’ll help you overcome naysayers who resist changes by saying, “We’ve always done it that way!” With us, you can show them a better way.

When you partner with Mac-Tech to create or reconfigure machine shop floor plans, we start by listening to your needs and your frustrations. Then, we’ll take an unbiased, objective look at your operation, the positioning of your machines, and how your team moves around your space.

We’ll present you with metal shop floor layouts that optimize your space and your time while keeping your team safe and boosting their productivity. When your shop has looked the same for years, it can be difficult to envision a different way of doing things. Let Mac-Tech accomplish that for you. The results may surprise you, and your team will be grateful for a new way of working that gives them enough space to get the job done quickly and correctly without getting in each other’s way.

It’s not just the machines we look at—we also consider how materials come into and go out of your shop. By improving your layout, you improve your fabrication processes from start to finish. From the time materials or workpieces enter your shop to the time they leave, your metal shop floor plan dictates how efficiently and effectively your team can handle them, work on them, and move them through and out of your shop in order to get back to your client. Call Mac-Tech for help with your metal shop floor plan today.

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