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One of the primary causes of hydraulic equipment failure results from the contamination of fluids within the hydraulic system. Some sources claim that 75% of hydraulic failure can be traced back to contaminated or old hydraulic fluid while other estimates state that 80% of hydraulic system failures stem directly from contamination. But you can easily avoid these hydraulic failures with our preventive maintenance service for hydraulic systems. For instance, it is recommended that you change the oil and filters in your hydraulic press brakes after every 2,000 hours of operation.

Hydraulic fluid contamination refers to the intrusion of any unwanted or foreign materials into your hydraulic system. This form of contamination, while easily avoided, can cause a myriad of deleterious effects. The issue will not be contained to one area of the hydraulic system; the contamination will spread throughout the entire system. This can cripple your expensive and indispensable equipment. If left untreated, it will inevitably result in a cascading series of failures as one part after another succumbs to excessive and premature wear. When enough components have been negatively affected, a catastrophic system failure is imminent.

An example of contamination can be demonstrated easily. Oftentimes, oil in the barrel contains sediment at the bottom. After draining the oil, you may find that there are remnants of this sediment in the lines and valves and cylinders. This sediment is the kind of contamination we want to avoid, as the contaminants will travel throughout the system and wreak havoc across the board.

Now, contamination cannot be truly eliminated, but it can be mitigated by scheduling proper hydraulic preventive maintenance service. It doesn’t sound difficult, but our customers are so busy running their production facilities that essential hydraulic preventative maintenance is, sadly, often overlooked. Thankfully, Mac-Tech knows the right way to do this to ensure the longevity of your equipment’s hydraulic valves.

Our two-stage filter system can be brought on-site to empty, fill, and recirculate your oil to clean out all the contaminants and put your machinery well on its way to a long life with minimal downtime. Contact Mac-Tech to schedule your hydraulic press preventive maintenance service date today.

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