Press Brake Safety Retrofits

Machines that can bend steel can easily crush and sever fingers, break bones, and cause life-threatening injuries. Older machines may be operational and effective but may lack modern safety functions that are necessary to provide proper protection to operators. Mac-Tech can perform press brake safety retrofits to bring your machines up to modern safety standards, eliminating the need to replace a still-functional machine.

At Mac-Tech, we value our customers and their workers. We provide machine maintenance, including lubrication, alignment, calibration, repair, and worker training on newly purchased machines. We can install hydraulic press guarding systems that use laser detectors to instantly stop the machines when an obstruction gets too close.

The best safety system for any machine is proper training. Operators should know how to keep machines and work areas clean and free from tripping hazards. They should wear the right personal protective gear. And workers shouldn’t try to lift and position heavy sections of sheet metal alone: working in teams can reduce injuries. And obviously, no one should ever leave a press brake running unattended.

The Fabricator magazine cites US Department of Labor statistics showing that press brakes cause up to 350 amputations a year, and fines for OSHA violations resulting in accidents can amount to over $7 million a year. So not only do you have a moral obligation to implement safety measures toward your employees, you have a legal obligation, too.

Mac-Tech’s experts stay current on OSHA regulations and applicable international safety standards. The type of press brake safety retrofit that’s best for you may depend on the type of work your machines produce. We’ll analyze your outputs with you to determine the best press brake guarding system for your machines.

Some safety systems slow production significantly. But it isn’t necessary to sacrifice productivity for compliance with safety standards. Modern press brake safety retrofit systems are designed to provide maximum safety while preserving productivity to the greatest extent possible.

If you’ve got perfectly functional, older press brake machines that don’t meet current safety standards, contact Mac-Tech. We can help you identify a press brake guard system that can be retrofitted to your existing machines, saving you the cost of replacing them. Call Mac-Tech today to discuss your needs.

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