Press Brake Control Retrofit

The metal fabrication business has seen rapid technological improvement since the days of manually operated equipment. Electric and hydraulic machines provide greater power and precision with CNC controls. Synthetic lubricants provide smoother operation, and new tools for calibration and leveling provide ever-improving precision.

So what do you do with a perfectly functional press brake that doesn’t have modern controls? Call Mac-Tech. We provide press brake control retrofits that can bring your old machine up to 21st century metal fabrication standards.

Using CNC technology is second nature to most metal fabricators, but some workers may need training on a new system. Mac-Tech can provide that training. When we upgrade your machine with a CNC press brake control retrofit, we won’t leave you scratching your head on how to use the control software, set parameters, or load instructions for your projects.

We know our way around electric and hydraulic press brakes and can diagnose problems that may be affecting performance, from alignment to calibration to something as basic as leveling. When you talk to us about the type of work that forms the core of your business, we can advise you on the best course of action to take to update your machines and improve their performance, including a press brake retrofit that lets you continue to use your existing equipment in a more modern way.

Perhaps your machine already has a CNC control system, but it’s outdated. Or you need a hydraulic press brake retrofit to improve performance and power. The experts at Mac-Tech can guide you through the process and make recommendations on how to update your machines for peak performance.

Mac-Tech can also formulate a new floor plan layout for you to maximize efficiency, make room for new robotic machines, or add necessary safety equipment. When you hire Mac-Tech to provide a press brake control retrofit, you get our renowned customer service and access to our maintenance and repair services too. Whatever your dilemma with your current metal fabrication machinery, Mac-Tech can help. Call today.

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