Press Brake Crowning

Press brakes create incredible amounts of force to bend sheet metal; that’s their reason for being. But the downward force of a press brake on a sheet metal workpiece and the die in the bed beneath it creates deflection. The ends of the press brake drive downward, but the middle section doesn’t have the same mechanical power behind it as the ends.

This means that when the press brake hits the workpiece, bending it, the ram will press down harder at either end than it does in the middle. As a result, the ram curves upward slightly in the center, while the bed pushes upward a bit too much.

This distortion causes the bend angle to be inaccurate in the center of the workpiece, a phenomenon called crowning. Mechanical adjustments called press brake crowning systems compensate for this distortion, adjusting the force to produce a bend at the proper angle.

One common type of press brake crowning system uses a series of adjustable wedges across the width of the press brake bed. These wedges adjust the pressure on the workpiece to compensate for the distortion crowning causes, resulting in greater repeatability and more accurate bend angles.

But to keep these press brake crowning systems working properly, the wedge mechanism needs the right kind of lubrication to be applied correctly and on the right schedule.

The experts at Mac-Tech can help you keep your press brake crowning mechanism working properly with the right lubrication applied on the press brake wedge system manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule. At Mac-Tech, we stick with our customers long after they purchase our metal fabrication equipment. We make ourselves available for training, maintenance, and repair should anything malfunction in your press brake, even if you didn’t buy the machine from us.

We’re proud of our reputation for outstanding customer service, as well as our ability to respond quickly should one of your machines break down. When you call Mac-Tech for help, we can usually respond within 24 hours, depending on your location. We’ll get your machines up and running and your business back online quickly, so you can go back to providing the metal fabrication services you’re known for to your own clients.

Contact Mac-Tech for all your press brake crowning needs, including lubrication, replacement parts, and repairs. We can make sure your press brake crowning adjustment system is working properly or fix it if it isn’t. Your work will be more precise—and your shop will be more efficient—when you call Mac-Tech for help with your press brake crowning system. We’re ready to take your call today.

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