PCR41 Robotic Plasma Cutting System

The PCR41 is an innovative design that combines robotics, vision systems and plasma torch technology to bring you the best combination of value, speed, precision, and 4-face operation to cutting structural steel that a robotic plasma cutter can offer.


This robotic plasma cutting machine has been designed to incorporate as many fabrication functions as possible into one machine. The PCR41 is able to produce completely finished parts at the lowest possible manufacturing costs. This machine automates all cutting operations typically performed and structural steel.

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Videos PCR41 Robotic Plasma Cutting System

PCR41 Robotic Plasma Cutting System




The PCR41 robotic plasma cutting system was built for fabricators and manufacturers in mind. This innovative machine blends robotics, an advanced laser system and plasma cutting technology to bring you the best combination of value, speed, and accuracy.

With the PCR41 you can produce reliable weld cuts, such as:

  • Weld Preps
  • Beam Splitting
  • Holes
  • Copes
  • Stair Stringers
  • 4-face Square
  • Part tabbing
  • Seismic

The advanced non-contact laser measuring system combined with the rotary encoder can detect material deviations resulting in more precise cuts with no probing required. The dual clamping system holds material securely in place during processing with scribing and layout capabilities the PCR41 can create detailed markings resulting in reduced shop fitting costs and errors.

The PCR41’s small footprint allows for easy placement enabling any fabricator the ability to customize the placement and layout. With the all-weather durable conveyors, the PCR41 allows for both in feed or out feed. The PCR41 comes equipped with industry leading cut quality, true hole technology, highly accurate movement, collision detection and low maintenance.

The easy-to-use interface and software, uses and creates NC1 files allow direct output from leading 3D detailing CAD software, eliminating time spent on file output processes and macros.

The PCR41 includes an industry leading warranty as well as remote live support to ensure you never stop production.

With the PCR41’s competitive pricing introduces a new class of robotic plasma cutting for small to mid-market companies in which it’s larger scale ancestor products are cost prohibitive, which makes it the most accessible plasma cutting machine on the market.

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