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Looking for sheet metal solutions? Lantek offers the best possible consulting, the broadest range of products, and the best team of professionals prepared to face any scenario with machine tools in the sector of sheet metal and steel structures. Check out this steel fabrication management software today.

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Precision in sheet metal fabrication depends on the right CAD/CAM systems. Using Lantek software gives your shop the edge with software for all types of metalworking equipment, from press brakes, punchers, shears, and tube bending machines to cutters.

Quality work begins with quality designs and precise calculations. The best CNC machine is only as good as the sheet metal design software that created a product and the sheet metal fabrication software that provides instructions to CNC machines. Computer-assisted design and manufacturing reaches its full potential with Lantek software.

Mac-Tech will work with you to identify your needs for 2D CAD/CAM software and help select the Lantek software that will work for you and your machinery. Improve your analytics and reduce waste with Lantek software for sheet metal fabrication. Call the experts at Mac-Tech today!

Lantek adapts to the way your company works to ensure your key processes are fully covered. We offer 2d CAD/CAM software for:

  • Cutting machines
  • Punching machines
  • Shear machines
  • Tubes and Piping machines

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