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GH High-Performance Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The GH flat fiber laser cutting machine delivers top-tier performance and precision with speeds up to 200m/min and 4.0G acceleration. Featuring an advanced bus control system, high-precision components, and an upgraded aluminum beam, it ensures efficient, stable, and accurate operations for all sheet processing needs.

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Videos GH High-Performance Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

GH High-Performance Fiber Laser Cutting Machine



Super Dynamic Performance for Efficient Processing

Achieve a maximum speed of 200m/min and acceleration up to 4.0G, ensuring efficient sheet processing with ease.

HSG Lasers Have Super Dynamic Performance for Efficient Processing - Offered by Mac-Tech

HSG Laser Bus Control System

  • The upgraded bus control system offers robust and versatile functions, providing users with an intuitive and eco-friendly control experience.
  • Intelligent path optimization with a new algorithm
  • Smart vibration control
  • Torque protection for dual drives
  • Air pressure DA correction

Bus Control System on HSG Lasers by Mac-Tech

Heat Protection Without Fear of Heat Damage

Experience unparalleled heat protection without the risk of heat damage. The material waste device is made with high-density burn-resistant plates, enhancing the heat protection of the machine bed.

Heat Protection Module on HSG Laser by Mac-Tech

High-Precision Transmission System

Our system features professional-grade speed reducers, high-precision racks, guide rails, and other components to ensure stable long-term operation.

High-Precision Transmission System on HSG Laser by Mac-Tech

Upgraded Matrix Machine Bed with Enhanced Rigidity

The innovative matrix machine and welding design significantly increase the rigidity of the entire machine bed structure, reducing any negative impacts on performance.

HSG Laser Bed by Mac-Tech


Brand-New Aluminum Beam

The fifth-generation 6-series aluminum beam is 20% lighter and offers 15% more torsional resistance than previous models. This lightweight design enhances the equipment’s dynamic performance, boosting processing efficiency.

Aluminum Beam Adds Support to Your HSG Laser Offered by Mac-Tech


Technical Parameters of GH Model Laser by Mac-Tech

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