High-Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

The Ermak EPL high-definition plasma cutting systems are the latest in Ermak’s line of HD plasma cutters. The EPL comes standard equipped with the Hypertherm TrueHole Package, which includes:

  • Hypertherm 130XD plasma cutting unit
  • Hypertherm AcrGlide torch height control
  • Hypertherm EDGE PRO CNC Control
  • ProNest software
  • TrueHole technology
  • Auto Gas console
  • 5 Axis head

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Videos High-Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

High-Definition Plasma Cutting Machine




The Ermak EPL high-definition plasma cutting machine is the latest in Ermak’s line of HD plasma cutters. Designed to work in the harshest production environments, the EPL plasma cutting machine is equipped with advanced technology and functionality. With both oxygen and plasma cutting heads, the EPL offers users high performance and optimal cutting capabilities. Designed with the customer experience in mind the EPL plasma cutting machine offers maximum efficiency allowing for custom sizes, special cuts and can be programmed for automated processes.


  • Hypertherm XPR 300 or XPR 130 plasma cutting unit – Building on Hypertherm’s industry leading technologies the plasma cutting unit delivers faster cut speeds, higher quality cuts that reduce or eliminate secondary operations and increased consumable life with quicker setup time resulting in reduced operating cost. The XPR 130 provides high-definition accuracy of 0.1mm, repetition accuracy 0.05mm, low working and initial investment cost, and convenient design for assembly line style production for a wide range of material types and thicknesses up to 1 1./2”
  • Hypertherm AcrGlide torch height control – Superior cutting quality and ideal consumables life with arc voltage sampling and control. Up to 80% increase in parts per hour production by minimizing cut to cut cycle time. Easy to use interface for fast last minute job adjustments.
  • Hypertherm EDGE PRO CNC Control – Designed to be flexible and easy to use, the EDGE Pro delivers reliable performance for improved profitability and application performance. Using Phoenix software, this CNC improves cut quality and productivity by delivering our expertise to your factory, enabling the best results for your operators.
  • ProNest CAD/CAM software – A single solution for all your profile cutting needs, including plasma, laser, waterjet, and oxyfuel. CAD import and conversion prepares your part for nesting. Job setup gives you control over materials, customers, plates, parts and more. Manual or automatic nesting makes it quick and easy to achieve your best nest.
  • True Hole technology – Developed for carbon steel includes specific combinations of cutting parameters which are optimized according to different hole sizes and material thicknesses. This technology allows more consistent part dimensions lessening the need for second operations, resulting in quality up to 50% in cylinder holes opened on carbon steel.
  • Auto Gas console – Allows for full control of all plasma system settings from the CNC, simplifying operator training requirements. Automatically changes processes to enable rapid switching between cutting and marking. Automatically adjusts for variations in incoming gas pressure to produce the most consistent cutting performance.

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  • Working Width:  1500—4000mm
  • Total Width:  2500—5700mm
  • Total Height:  2280mm
  • Inter Gap:  250mm
  • Torch Distance:  0—200mm
  • Working Length:  3000—12000mm
  • Table Height:  750—900mm
  • Speed:  35m/dak
  • Machine Axes:  3-Axis (X, Y, Z)
  • Positioning Accuracy:  0.1mm
  • Repetition Accuracy:  0.05mm
  • Plasma Cutting Unit:  Hypertherm XPR 300 or XPR 170
  • Torch Height Control:  Hypertherm ArcGlide
  • Cutting Capacity:  1—38mm
  • Energy:  400V, 50Hz, 6bar
  • Machine Weight:  3,750—18,000kg



Additional Features

  • 220mm standard stroke
  • HyPerformance XPR 300 or XPR 170 plasma source generator and torch system for accurate cuts
  • Hyperthem manual gas console
  • Low investment cost
  • Maximum efficiency
  • 2—3 times more parts production per hour (pph)
  • 3-Axis (X, Y, Z)
  • High accuracy linear rails
  • Mitsubishi AC servo motor and driver
  • Plan type Neugart gear box
  • Arc Glide THC automatic height control system
  • Hypernet communication system
  • Safety input / output interface madule
  • Nozzle sensor
  • Collision sensor
  • 15” touch screen Hypertherm EDGE Pro CNC controller
  • Remote connection interface
  • Standard / Metric Gagues
  • TurboNEST plasma generator and torch system for precise cuts
  • 2 emergency buttons
  • 6 mechanical stops
  • Easy installation and training

Optional Features

  • Plasma Options:
    – HPR260XD
    – HPR400XD
    – HPR800XD
    – Hypotherm automatic gas console
  • Oxy cutting station w/ Messer-Tanaka oxygen torch
  • Manual angle cutting apparatus
  • 350mm / 500mm adjustable stroke
  • True Hole technology
  • Pipe cutting technology
  • 5-Axis plasma cutting technology
  • Software Options:
    – ProNest CAD / CAM
    – Lantek Expert II CAD / CAM
    – Lantek Flex 3D CAD / CAM
    – Lantek Duct CAD / CAM
  • Controller Options:
    – 15″ LCD EDGE Pro CNC controller
    – 19″ LCD Linatrol Infinity CNC controller
    – Esa Kvara CNC controller (5-Axis)
  • Optional Plasma Filter Units:
    – PL4000 (4000m³/h flow)
    – PL6000 (6000m³/h flow)
    – PL10000 (10000m³/h flow)
  • Light barrier
  • Online bypass features
  • Air dryer
  • Electrical panel fooling fan / heating unit
  • Custom voltage
  • Custom colors

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