Heavy Duty

The Ermaksan HD is a tandem press brake machine designed to achieve bending applications for heavy-duty manufacturing needs and deliver the end product quickly. These heavy-duty press brakes minimize man-power efforts and material waste. As a result, you will see increased productivity and decreased costs from wasted materials.

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Heavy Duty




Among press brakes dedicated to bend long and large sheet metal workpieces, the Ermaksan heavy-duty press brake features a bending length of 33 feet (10 meters). This machine also features a 6-axis back gauge with a depth of 157 in. (4000 mm).

Ermaksan’s ability to design, manufacture, and supply bending machines to suit multifaceted needs is unmatched.

Ermaksan Heavy-Duty Press Brake

Ermaksan heavy-duty press brakes meet the needs of all sectors engaged in the production of heavy machinery industry, such as transportation, wind turbines, power plants, and defense industry.

  • 17” 3D, LCD touch screen ER-90.
  • Perfect configuration for your heavy tonage bendings.
  • Absolute solution for deep and full-sized bendings.
  • Continuous precision with dynamic crowning system.
  • Motorized crowning system.
  • 6 axes servo motorized backgauge system.
  • AP3 / AP4 front sheet support system.
  • Long lasting, durable against heavy conditions, rigid construction.
  • Special top and bottom tools.
  • 610 mm throat depth.
  • Highest productivity and excellent performance is our base principle.
  • Single or quartet working possibility.
  • The special press brakes designed under Ermaksan brand name are being produced at different length and capacities per our customers’ demands.
  • Light bodyguard safety system compatible with single and tandem working modes.
  • Lightening pole production at 14 m long quartet press brake.
  • The daylight and stroke can be designed at any required dimensions.
  • Special tool and clamping systems designed per customers’ needs.
  • We can process up to 28 m length at our high precise CNC machining centers.
  • Precise measurings up to 1 micron can be done at 3D measuring device.
  • Polygonal pole production. Conical pole production with special top and bottom tool.
  • SICK front light guard.
  • Rear light guard.
  • SICK laser front light guard.
  • LazerSafe front light guard.
  • AKAS laser front light guard.

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