TX-Heavy Duty Tube Fiber Cutting Machine

  • 3+1 Twin Chuck Clamping
  • Lateral Hanging Machine Bed
  • Shaped Last Cut Technique
  • Follow-up Supporting Plate

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TX-Heavy Duty Tube Fiber Cutting Machine



3+1 Twin-chucks Clamping

The chucks are developed by HSG Laser. They not only address prevailing problems faced by two, three and other four chucks, but also offer global users heavy tube cutting solutions beyond expectation.

* Combine C3 and C4 chuck together with synchronous rotation and moving
* Have functions of tube clamping, supporting and correction
* Move at full stroke

Lateral Hanging Machine Bed

The machine bed is made of several sections and spliced together, therefore, long tube is also easily processed. Due to co-axial treatment, the machine can make sure of its running precision. Notes: It is suitable for TX9036, TX12036 and TX1205

Shaped Last Cut Technique

When work procedures are well arranged, zero tailing comes to save on material purchasing costs.

Follow-up Supporting Plate as Unloading Device

Follow-up supporting plate and concave wheel are used for unloading ≤6000mm long tube. The plate provides support to dropping tubes to avoid scratch.

Dust Removal

There are air hoses on the front chuck and high-power exhaust fans that work together to cut down smoke pollution and keep operators healthy.

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