SBM-L G1S2 Metal Edge Deburring Machine

LISSMAC deburring and finishing machines are innovative, utilizing the newest state-of-art technology which enables deburring and edge rounding of sheet metal parts all in one work process. Unlike brush machines, the SBM-L G1S2 wins over customers with more efficient processing, saving you up to 60% in time over traditional finish processing methods. The quality of the finished product leaves no marks or unwanted spots on the sheet metal, producing a perfect finished part every time, leading to an exceptional customer experience.

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Videos SBM-L G1S2 Metal Edge Deburring Machine

SBM-L G1S2 Metal Edge Deburring Machine



The SBM-L G1S2 metal edge deburring machine saves companies time metal finishing their parts because of the fast-processing time. Its sheet metal processing time is reduced thanks to the two-sided deburring and edge rounding. Even the smallest holes can be deburred in record time.


LISSMAC systems for metal processing set benchmarks in innovative sheet metal processing through highly effective, two-sided deburring and edge rounding of punched, laser and fine plasma cut workpieces using only one work process. Unlike grinding machines, SBM-L G1S2 metal edge deburring machines win over customers with a more efficient finishing process, savings you up to 60% of the time over traditional processing methods.

  • Deburring and edge rounding of parts up to 50 mm material thickness
  • Removal of spots on the sheet metal surface
  • Processing both sides of the parts simultaneously eliminates the need of turning heavy parts and processing them for a second time
  • Simultaneous deburring and edge rounding of interior and exterior contours
  • Dry operation
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • The processing units can be individually adjusted or turned on and off electrically.
  • Maximum productivity while maintaining machining quality
  • The cross-machining principle guarantees optimum tool utilisation over the entire working width.
  • Faster and simpler tool change within just a few minutes
  • Modular and compact in modern machine design – smaller footprint
  • Improved work environment – Reduction of dust, dirt and noise
  • Optionally available: Conveyor Technology; Handling Systems, Automation; Custom Solutions
  • Up to 60 % work time savings compared to one-side processing grinding machines

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