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Forming gutters and downspouts is faster, cheaper, and more consistent with a downspout roll former from Mac-Tech. This remarkable machine uses a series of steel rollers to create bends incrementally in flat metal. It uncoils a rolled metal strip and feeds it, assembly-line fashion, through a series of steel rollers that function as dies, forming precise bends along the way until the desired form is achieved.

A downspout roll forming machine works without heating the metal, reducing the risk of heat-related deformation, and lowering energy costs. Contact Mac-Tech for more details on how this downspout roll former can boost your metal fabrication operation.

Touch Screen Control Panel

  • Easy to use 7′ Touch Screen Controller


  • Capacity load up to 1.5 metric tons.
  • Automatically reads the gap in the sheet using sensor technology which avoids touching the sheet to avoid damage.

Roll Former

  • 1.1191 steel rolls with surface treatment in a hard chrome with a polished finish
  • Profile tuning is accomplished with the vertical roller station
  • The traction unit is comprised of a helical geared motor by padlock and gear transmission system
  • The guillotine saw makes precise cuts within in each profile which avoids deformation of the original shape
  • Protective metal shielding for operation safety

Pneumatic Discharge Table

  • 6m long automated unloading pneumatic table



Max Thickness: 0.6mm – 0.7mm (22-23 ga)

Material: Lacquered Aluminum/Steel

Command: 7″ Touch Control Panel

Geared Motor Power: 5.5 kW

Speed: 20m/min (65ft/min)

Rolls: 1.1191, chrome and polished

Power: 3x phases 480Vac

Decoiler: 1.5 Ton – Stefa DM1,5.400

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