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Hydraulic oil is the bending system’s lifeblood, and you must use press brake hydraulic oil change services when the time comes. Keeping the oil clean and filling the reservoir to capacity is critical for smooth operation and longevity of the machine.

Check the oil level in the tank periodically as you would check the oil level in your automobile. This is a simple visual check that can easily be performed daily. An insufficient oil level will cause erratic operation of the ram and damage the hydraulic pump or, at the very least, shorten pump life.

If the press brake is equipped with a hydraulic tool clamping system for punch and die clamping, also check this oil level periodically. This system is usually a separate hydraulic group with its own oil level indicator. Again, this is a simple visual check.

Dirt particles may enter the hydraulic circuit because of insufficient sealing. Make sure the tank cover seals and air breathers are in good condition. Air breathers are mounted on the tank cover and allow airflow in the tank when pumping oil to the cylinders, preventing the creation of a vacuum in the tank.

Problems and irregularities in the operation of the pump and valves may occur if dirt is present in the oil. In fact, most of the problems with the hydraulic circuit are related to contaminated oil. Contamination in the system can cause valves to become jammed in the on or off position and will damage the pump system by creating a gradual loss of pressure. Our experienced technicians offer quality press brake hydraulic oil change services that will get your machinery running at peak performance.

It is recommended to change the oil and filters in your press brakes every 2000 hours of operation. Complete the form below to book your oil change service for press brakes in advance!


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