If you find yourself replacing metalworking machine parts frequently, couplers breaking, and lubricant degrading faster than you’d like, your problem may not be with the parts, the lubricants, or the machine itself. It may be that the machine parts, engine, and shafts of your machines are misaligned. Mac-Tech provides machine alignment services to ensure your shop equipment runs as it should without excess wear or overheating caused by misalignment.

Metal machine alignment is critical to proper machine operation. Any machine that has a motor that drives a shaft or rotating parts with couplers is subject to stress from misalignment. Industrial machinery alignment requires more than the ability to eyeball machine parts and conclude they’re in alignment; levels and rulers won’t provide the level of accuracy you need to keep your machine running, either.

Moreover, if you try to align your machine while it’s cold, you aren’t accounting for thermal expansion that occurs during operation, and that can throw off your careful alignment efforts.

Instead of trying to determine whether your machine is properly aligned by looking at it or using a manual lever or ruler, using laser alignment tools can provide a level of precision in equipment alignment you simply cannot achieve otherwise. Some of these tools even collect and provide data from several points. They also take into account your machine’s metal expansion rate to provide a better calculation of adjustments you’ll need to get your machine into proper alignment.

Mac-Tech’s machine alignment services will ensure your metal machine alignment is accurate and precise, so your machine produces quality parts, your machine lubricants last longer, and your machines require far less downtime for repairs and replacements.

We’ll start by learning about the equipment you’ve got, how many hours you’re running it, and characteristics like thermal expansion that can affect metal machine alignment. Then, we’ll inspect your machine to determine whether vertical, horizontal, or angular misalignment threatens to cause breakdowns, wear, or faulty output.

We can also take the effects of vibration into consideration. An oil analysis can indicate early signs of an alignment problem by revealing the increased presence of aluminum, iron, copper, chromium, or lead, which could indicate a problem with the machine.

Mac-Tech’s machine alignment services are available for most metalworking and industrial machinery alignment tasks. Checking your machine’s alignment should be a regular part of your preventative maintenance schedule. Call Mac-Tech to ensure your industrial machinery is properly aligned to work efficiently without unnecessary overheating and wear.