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GV Series 6G All Linear Motor Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The GV flat fiber laser cutting machine combines high-load double rails and advanced triaxial linear motors for stable, high-speed processing. With a special heat-resistant machine bed and a reliable hydraulic lifting exchange system, it ensures precision and durability. Standardized features like automatic loading, nozzle replacement, and visual edge finding make the GV easy to operate and highly efficient for all cutting needs.

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Videos GV Series 6G All Linear Motor Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

GV Series 6G All Linear Motor Fiber Laser Cutting Machine



High-load Double Rails Structure for Stable Processing

The GV Series features German Rexroth rails, providing stable and reliable processing with roller and measuring guiders. The double rails offer high load capacity, rigidity, dust prevention, and waterproofing.


High Speed Double Rail System on GV Laser by Mac-Tech

High-speed Dynamics for Premium Cutting
Equipped with an advanced triaxial linear motor, the GV Series delivers exceptional speed, acceleration, and repeatability. With nanoscale precision, it ensures a premium cutting experience.

  • Max. Linkage Speed: 300m/min
  • Max. Linkage Acceleration: 6G


GV Laser Head by Mac-Tech

Special Machine Bed for High Power

Designed with ultra-thick sheets and a special hollow structure, the machine bed is stable and durable, unaffected by heat in the laser cutting area.


GV Laser Bed by Mac-Tech

Hydraulic Lifting Exchange System

  • Features a reliable German hydraulic station
  • Single table exchange with improved air extraction
  • The Z-axis cutting head remains stable and rigid during high-speed cutting, with minimal movement required.
Hydraulic Lifting Exchange System on GV Laser by Mac-Tech

Standardized with Numerous Useful Functions for Easy Operation

The GV Series comes standard with a variety of machining functions to facilitate easy operation:

  • Automatic loading and unloading with material tower
  • Automatic nozzle replacement
  • Central control system
  • Visual edge finding
  • Visual residual material detection

Standardized Functions on GV Laser by Mac-Tech



GV Technical Parameters on HSG Laser by Mac-Tech

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