Ermaksan g-force-fiber-laser offered by Mac-Tech.

G-Force Fiber Laser

The Fibermak Gen-5 combines unparalleled speed, accuracy and cut quality; it’s the best fiber laser cutting machine available. The new and improved G Force system enables 2.5g acceleration providing an additional 15% decrease in production time. Our IPG resonators are paired with a Precitec Auto Focus head, providing the fastest speeds from thick plate down to thinner materials. Automation is also offered, making “lights out” operation.

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G-Force Fiber Laser



Every company that works in metal fabrication needs industrial fiber lasers. Quality is everything when it comes to this fiber laser cutting machine; the G-Force Fiber Laser doesn’t disappoint. Read on to learn just a handful of this machine’s features.


  • 2.5 G high acceleration is presented optionally on servo motorized Momentum Gen-5 G Force series.
  • Producing time decreases and productivity increases average 15% per hour by high acceleration.

The software and automation of FIBERMAK Momentum Gen-5 are developed by solely Ermaksan’s engineers. Thus;

  • Your special automation solution requests can be applicable
  • Software upgrades can be done free of charge
  • Automation solutions can be added to the fiber laser cutter machine afterwards
  • Referring to the feedback from the machines, the upgrades can be applicable
  • After-sales support services can be given very fast via remote-access function.
  • High quality laser sources and/or cutting heads can be used.
  • Special dimension bodies can be produced.


  • Piercing control and cut-loss control can be done by LCM (laser cut monitor) sensor
  • Loading – Unloading and Storage systems by Tower
  • Modular pipe and profile cutting option
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning and changing

If you have any questions about this industrial fiber laser, reach out to one of our experts. We’re happy to help.

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