Combination – Momentum

In addition to flat sheet cutting, the Fibermak Momentum series machines also offer top-notch profile and pipe cutting equipment made from the highest quality materials.

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Combination – Momentum




The Fibermak Momentum series machines, in addition to flat sheet cutting, they also offer the options of pipe and profile cutting.

While the machine performs flat sheet metal cutting, the operator saves time by connecting the pipe or profile to be cut on the loading-unloading cart independent of the shuttle trays.

The pipe or profile fixed between the chuck and the tailstock are held in place with the support apparatus to ensure smooth rotation of the long parts without defiecting, which ensures a high quality cut.

In addition to the CAD/CAM software for flat sheet cutting delivered with this machine, which are provided with Pipe – Profile cutting option, a 3D CAD/CAM software is also provided to make it possible to draw and/or load drawings of the pipe and profile parts, to open the desired holes and figures, to perform nesting operations and cutting simulations.

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