Metal fabrication shops are all about the hustle and bustle. Every worker knows you barely get a minute to sit down, and you always have to be on your toes since there are so many moving parts. These establishments are also full of heavy-duty machinery. There are plasma cutters that can slice through anything with a fiber laser and metal shears that are perfect for quick tasks. Yet, one of the most underrated devices in these places are angle roll forming machines. This article will discuss why roll forming should be seen as more beneficial in the field of metal fabrication and what employers can do to ensure this happens. We will also overview the different industries that use these devices; you’d be surprised to find out how common they are.

Roll Forming: What It’s All About

Angle roll forming machines do what no other device can. Sure, plasma cutters can make precise cuts and give sheet metal sharp angles. Yet, every worker knows that bending metal is just as important as cutting is—this is where these devices come in. These machines use high-powered temperatures to bend metal into shapes that’d be impossible to do otherwise. Essentially, these machines help create puzzle pieces that fit together to form the structures we see every day. The remainder of this piece will talk about other reasons why roll forming is important to manufacturing.

Get Things Done Fast

Another reason why shops should invest in roll forming machines is that they operate quickly. Mac-Tech has plenty of plasma cutters with high production volume. However, workers still have to spend precious time getting everything exact so that cuts are precise. Roll forming machines, on the other hand, operate much quicker. Devices such as the APK 1000 have three separate hydraulic motors, making it ideal for shops that experience high project volume. If you want to get things done, then you need an angle roll forming device by your side. Give us a call to determine what machine is best suited for your needs.

Repeatable Motions

Every metal fabricator knows how challenging it is to repeat the same motion by hand. Unless things are automated, it’s nearly impossible to make the same cut twice and keep things even. That is another reason why roll forming machines are so valuable. They can reenact repeatable motions with minor adjustments. Machines like the APK 1000 Series can repeat the same circular motion several times, so that production time decreases and shops can get more done in less amount of time. Furthermore, the APK 121 has horizontal and vertical rolling, meaning it can make bends in several directions. This should be music to every supervisors’ ears because it means the shop can take on more work. More work equals more green in the bank.

Less Waste

Metal fabrication shops aren’t exempt from going green just because they provide services to dozens of industries. Shop owners should focus on being environmentally friendly to reduce their carbon footprints. This is yet another reason to invest in angle roll forming machines. Unlike plasma cutters that produce waste if the cuts aren’t exact, these devices limit scraps, which goes a long way towards helping the environment. The machines bend the sheet metal rather than cut it, so naturally, there’s less garbage when the job is done.

Now that we have discussed angle roll forming’s importance in manufacturing, we can talk about the different applications of the machines. You may be surprised to find out how much these devices can do.

On the Road and in the Sky

Angle roll forming mechanisms are most commonly used to create the things we see on the road and in the sky. For example, these machines help create automobiles and planes. Angle bending mechanisms bend sheet metal into intricate shapes so that the cars and planes we see can have smooth angles. Of course, metal fabricators use plasma cutters and shears during the construction process, as well. However, since angle roll forming devices work in a repeatable motion without breaking, they’re optimal for building the things we use every day.

Angle roll forming devices also help in making safety measures like guard rails. These mechanisms have to have to bends in case an accident occurs. For this reason, metalworkers use angle roll forming machines to create things that keep us safe. An added benefit is their high production volume so that multiple things can be produced at once.

Grocery Stores

Next time you’re at the grocery store, take a minute to look at the metal around you. You’ll be amazed to discover what a significant role metal fabrication plays in these establishments. For starters, fabricators use roll angle forming machines to create the metal overhang that sprays water on our fruits and vegetables. Without these tools, our food would go stale much quicker. In addition, angle roll forming mechanisms are used to create grocery store shelves so that we can grab things easier and be on our way.

Solar Panels

People also make solar panels by using angle roll forming machines. Since these devices can create holes in necessary spots, they’re ideal for making solar panels. In addition, they can be made from a variety of different materials, so they’re perfect for solar panels that are made out of environmentally friendly materials. Without angle roll forming machines, it can be argued that solar panels would not be as popular as they are today.

This article has explained angle roll forming’s importance in manufacturing. It must be said that there’s no one “magic machine” that can do it all. Workers should still know how to use metal shears and plasma cutters. However, if they want to make bends rather than cuts, angle roll forming mechanisms are the best solution. It should also be noted that these machines help create holes and unique shapes that traditional cutting devices can’t. Therefore, those working with tubes and other special shapes should pull one of these babies out of the utility closet.

Why Roll Forming? Uncovering Its Importance in Manufacturing

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