Fiber laser cutting machines have revolutionized the manufacturing industry with their precision and efficiency. To operate optimally, they require a gas assist, often provided by an air compressor. Explore why fiber laser cutting machines need air compressors and how those compressors contribute to the machine’s effectiveness.

Why Fiber Laser Cutters Use Assist Gases

Assist gases play a crucial role in fiber laser cutting. They aid in ejecting molten material from the cut, preventing it from re-solidifying onto the workpiece. Additionally, assist gases shield the optics of the laser head from debris and cool down the cutting area. Air compressors help assist gases maintain high pressure, optimizing the cutting process.

Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Compressed Air

The most commonly used assist gases in fiber laser cutting are oxygen, nitrogen, and compressed air. Oxygen aids in combustion and improves cutting speed for carbon steel. Nitrogen prevents oxidation and provides a clean, oxide-free edge.

Air delivered by an air compressor can be used alone or in addition to higher-priced oxygen or nitrogen as a cost-saving measure. Because it is less expensive than high-purity oxygen or nitrogen, compressed air reduces operating costs. Air compressors also require less maintenance compared to other gas delivery systems, contributing to long-term savings.

Cutting Speed

Air compressors can impact a fiber laser machine’s cutting speed. Compressed air has been shown to make laser cutting faster on stainless steel and aluminum.

Assist Gas Pressure and Laser Head Temperature

Maintaining the proper assist gas pressure and laser head temperature is essential to making clean cuts with fiber laser machines. Too little pressure can fail to fully remove debris, causing molten material to splash back, while too little pressure can result in an incomplete cut. From CNC laser tube cutting machines to flat sheet laser cutters, compressed air can play an important role in quality control.

Compressed air also helps control the temperature of the laser head, preventing overheating and potential damage.

Air compressors are integral to the operation of fiber laser cutting machines. They can boost the effectiveness and reduce the cost of other assist gases such as pure oxygen and nitrogen. Because air compressors help dissipate heat at the cutting site, they can be the key to producing clean cuts without char or burrs. Understanding why fiber laser cutting machines need air compressors can help operators optimize their usage and maintain efficiency in their operations.

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