There’s nothing wrong with purchasing used metalworking machinery—if there’s nothing wrong with the machine, the dealer that sells it, or the availability of parts and service. These are the major considerations included in what to know before buying used metalworking equipment.

How Old Is It?

Older machines can work just fine, but they may not have upgrades that reflect current technology. If the machine is a CNC machine, ask about software and training: How fast could your operators get up to speed learning the operational quirks of an older machine? Is it possible to upgrade the machine cost-effectively, or would a newer hydraulic press brake or fiber laser cutting machine make more sense?

Where Did It Come From?

Dealers in used metalworking equipment buy their inventory from shops that are relocating, no longer need or upgrading to newer equipment, or at auctions where machines from several companies or dealers may be on the block. The seller should be able to tell you where they acquired the machine, and why it’s up for sale in the first place. And most importantly, make sure the machine is under power, and you have the ability to inspect it before purchasing.

What Is Its Work and Maintenance History?

Just like cars, metalworking machines should have a maintenance history. You should be able to confirm that history, along with the machine’s work history in terms of hours of operation. Check history and hours against the manufacturer’s specifications to see how much working life the machine should have left.

Is It Still Under Warranty?

Some used machines are sold when they are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Ask the seller if this is the case with the machines you are considering buying. Before buying used metalworking equipment, you should know if the manufacturer still stands behind the machine or if you’ll be responsible for finding parts and service.

Dealer Reputation and Service

The dealer’s reputation is a critical factor when purchasing used metalworking equipment. What do customers say in reviews? Is the dealer committed to customer service? What is the dealer’s availability for addressing your concerns? Find out if the dealer is a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association, and whether they have posted their commitment to ethical and honest business practices.

Here at Mac-Tech, we guarantee a 24-hour response if your machine goes down. We’ll have it back up and running as soon as possible. We also provide routine preventative maintenance, oil changes, calibration, time studies, and many other services essential to keeping your operation running smoothly. Call Mac-Tech for help with purchasing or servicing used metalworking equipment.

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