Operating a metal fabrication shop requires you to make quick decisions every day. Of course, there are the obvious questions about suppliers, material, inventory, and team members, but there are other considerations you must make regarding the capital equipment you purchase. A fiber laser cutting machine falls into this category. It’s essential to select the right machine with this type of investment. Read on to learn what to consider before purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine.

Your Cost Investment

Another factor that you need to consider is what you’re willing to invest in a new machine. Purchasing equipment often boils down to cost, but instead of only looking at the dollar values of different machines, you should look ahead to future needs. A less expensive machine could save money now, but it may not be able to handle larger projects as quickly or effectively as other machines down the road. Purchasing solely on cost and not considering your future business objectives will end up costing you more money in the long run.

Laser Power

One of the first and most essential elements of the fiber laser cutting machine you need to consider before purchasing is the power of the laser. As technology has developed over time, fiber lasers have become more powerful. Previously, they would struggle to reach 6 kW, whereas today’s technology easily reaches 30 kW. Your shop may need a higher power output to cut heavy gauge material, but some machines cannot support this. Ensure the equipment you select has a laser cutting head that can withstand the high power needed for the laser to cut whatever material thickness that may be required for your job needs.

The Material You’re Working With

The laser power of the machine you are working with is an important consideration you need to make to ensure the machine works optimally, but it also dictates what material you can cut. Weaker lasers cannot cut some thicker materials and require much more time to perform the same cut paths as other machines. A good rule of thumb when looking for equipment is the 80/20 rule. Purchase a machine that enables you to use 80 percent of its capabilities today while reserving the other 20 percent for future growth. Holding fast to this rule helps ensure you don’t end up selecting a machine that cannot handle different types and strengths of material down the road.

Consider these factors before purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine to guarantee you end up with the right machine for your shop. Determining your needs and selecting the right equipment can be a monumental task. Don’t stress over the process. At Mac-Tech, we can help you find the perfect tube laser cutting machine for your shop’s needs and get you up and running in the most cost-effective way possible.

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