People who aren’t familiar with modern metal fabrication operations may think that a metalworking shop is a dirty, noisy, grimy place. But metal fabrication has become a high-tech industry, with computer numeric control (CNC) machines, robotics, and attention to waste control and reduction.

Many metalworking machines are now manufactured with environmental responsibility in mind. Reduced energy consumption and less reliance on fossil fuels are goals that can be achieved with newer machinery.

Most metal fabrication businesses rely on press brakes to bend sheet metal into desired shapes and angles. Hydraulic press brakes use liquid under pressure to move a punch and die to bend a piece of sheet metal inserted between them.

Electric press brakes have the same function but move the punch and die using an electric motor, not a hydraulic system. Learn what makes electric press brakes eco-friendly below.

Less Power Consumption

Electric press brake motors only run when needed to bend a piece of metal. While electric press brakes use a lot of power when they’re on, they only consume power when they are in use. When not in use, the press brake doesn’t consume energy. This is the major factor that makes electric press brakes eco-friendly.

Hydraulic press brakes must circulate fluid constantly, even when they’re not actively bending metal. This means they consume energy even when not in use.

Reduced Reliance on Petroleum Products

Hydraulic fluid can be water, but it is usually a form of mineral oil, which is a petroleum-based product. The petroleum-based hydraulic fluid must be changed at least annually and disposed of properly. Then, the maintenance crew or service must clean the machine and replenish the oil. Petroleum products can leak into the environment during hydraulic press brake operation and maintenance.

While electric press brakes require lubrication and maintenance just like other machines, they don’t consume petroleum-based hydraulic fluid, reducing the use of fossil fuels in operations and saving shop owners money.

Noise Reduction

Metalworking machines can be exceptionally loud, but electric press brakes are quieter. Noise is a real concern for workers subjected to high volumes daily. Reducing noise pollution and vibrations is good for the work environment and the area surrounding a metalworking shop.

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