There are cutting machines everywhere you look in a metal fabrication shop. There are plasma cutters used for more exact jobs and metal shears that people use when they’re looking to get things done quickly. Additionally, one of the newest cutting machines is making a splash in the field of metal fabrication, and that is fiber lasers. This article will answer the questions what are fiber lasers, and what do they do?

What Are Fiber Lasers?

Fiber lasers are different from gas lasers because the medium being used is a fiber that’s been dipped in a rare Earth element. Essentially, fiber is at the center of the machine. The fact that fiber is at the center of the laser plays a significant role in why they’re so beneficial. Gas lasers can easily be thrown off their alignment, requiring a repair specialist to come in and fix the issue. However, because fiber is at the center of the beam, it’s very hard for a fiber laser to be thrown off its course. This makes cutting safer and improves the quality of the cut.

More Benefits

Aside from not being thrown off course easily, fiber lasers release a strong amount of power because they draw their energy from the fiber in the middle. Not only are these machines stronger because of their power source, but they’re also more consistent than other lasers. Gas lasers tend to get hot, which causes them to be inefficient. Fiber lasers don’t have this problem, as they stay cool throughout the majority of the cutting process.

Mac-Tech has some of the best fiber laser tube cutting machines in the business. For example, the Fibermak Tube Cutting Machine has superior cutting abilities and a built-in cooling system that keeps the mechanism from overheating. So, put your shop on the map by investing in this cutting-edge technology that’ll decrease production time, allowing you to take on more projects and increase your profits.

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