Many businesses thrive on referrals and a reputation for excellent service. But if clients don’t know you’d appreciate a referral, and no one knows about your shop’s stellar reputation, these things won’t translate into growth. Learn ways to market your metal fabrication business here.

Optimize Your Online Presence

Prospective purchasers of goods and services start by looking for what they need online. Businesses that need metal fabrication work know what kind of business they need. What they want to know is why they should pick yours.

Most metal fabricators have a website that provides basic information, like the services offered and contact information. But those won’t help a prospective client who needs a custom project or a rush order. It also won’t address your competitive advantage. What makes your business different or better than your competitors?

Your website should offer an answer to a need in metal fabrication. It should also provide useful content about metal fabrication methods and technologies, types of metals, and video content demonstrating your shop’s particular skills and capabilities.

Don’t stop at just a website. Your business should have a Google “my business” profile, a Facebook page, and possibly a YouTube channel or Instagram account. Offer a variety of ways for current and future clients to connect with you, including a response form, phone number, email address, and “call to action” on your webpage and social media accounts.

Ask for Referrals and Reviews

You know who your repeat customers are. They must be satisfied with your services, or they wouldn’t keep coming back. Businesses often search for services in the same way individuals search for products: they’ll look for good reviews online, and they’ll rely on testimonials from satisfied customers.

Your repeat clients may not think to offer you a positive review or keep you in mind to refer future customers. Make sure you ask for reviews and referrals: satisfied customers will be happy to provide them.


Finding your niche is another effective way to market your metal fabrication business. Do some research on your competition and figure out if there’s an unmet need among metal fabrication clients in your area.

It could be the ability to work with large pieces or create intricately patterned cut-outs in sheet metal. Or it could be your pick-up and delivery services, which none of your competitors can offer. Or your ability to work with very thick or very thin metal or cut beams with the necessary precision could set your business apart.

Your specialty could be your ability to turn work around quickly or your new electric press brakes that can bend exceptionally long metal pieces. Whatever your niche, be sure to highlight it in all your social media accounts and throughout your website.

Marketing your metal fabrication business is a combination of optimizing your online presence and working through satisfied customers to gain word-of-mouth recognition and referrals.

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