Structural steel fabrication shops face a very competitive landscape. In order to get ahead, it is imperative to have the right machines. Whether these machines bend, cut, or drill, maintaining them will keep them up and running. Here are the top tips for maintaining CNC beam drilling and coping machines.

Establish a Regular Maintenance Routine

Read the user’s manual in its entirety before operating your new machine. The user’s manual will outline different maintenance tasks and the frequency they need to be completed. Regular usage of the machine may require maintenance to be completed more frequently.

Shops that run their machines continuously should regularly inspect and maintain the machines more frequently, preventing any unexpected downtime. Hours and hours of drilling and cutting can put strain on the machine, so inspecting and maintaining it is critical in keeping it in top operating condition.

Do Proper Preventative Maintenance

Almost all maintenance tasks require some equipment downtime, and preventative maintenance can be pre-planned to lessen the downtime experienced. During the preventative maintenance call, the technician will inspect the entire machine for fatigue and replace parts, oil, fluid, and more. Keeping up with the maintenance of your machine enables it to run more efficiently and at top performance. This reliability will result in less downtime, allowing you to deliver products to your customers on time.

Document Everything

Keeping everyone on the same page is critical when it comes to maintaining your machine. A good practice is to have a checklist or procedure in place. This seemingly simple task helps operators know what procedures were last performed on the machine. Operators should document everything clearly and timely. This way, everyone in the shop will know what tasks were last performed and what still needs to be completed. These checklists will help ensure that everything’s in working order.

It may seem like a lot to properly maintain your CNC beam drilling and coping machines, but it’s worth it compared to machines breaking down and more costly repairs that will need to be made. At Mac-Tech, we can provide you with quality machines and help with maintenance, guaranteeing that your equipment is in proper working condition. We have a vast selection of machines, like robotic plasma cutters, so you can find what works best for you and your shop.

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