Laser cutting machines come in all types and strengths. These variations suit each machine for various production situations. One of the foundational differences between laser cutters is their ability to operate on two or three axes. Here are the top benefits of 2D laser cutting machines.

Supports Common Software

Laser cutting machines communicate via new and preexisting software. One of the benefits of 2D laser cutting is it already understands two-dimensional models made in popular software like AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and CorelDRAW. With these machines, there’s no need for technicians to learn new software systems. Instead, they can draw and manipulate their two-dimensional files for direct two-dimensional output.

Cuts Through Thick Materials

Because 2D laser cutters don’t operate on the Z-axis, they have the freedom to maximize power without changing the angle. Tackle your biggest workpieces with a two-dimensional laser. One thing to keep in mind with laser cutting machines is that their power and beam intensity stem from the type of lasing material and laser stimulation process. Explore our five different fiber laser cutting machine types at Mac-Tech and learn about the differences in each offering. With varying sizes, operational capacities, and laser types, our machines will fit perfectly into your production.

Saves on Costs

Laser cutting machines, but especially two-dimensional ones, save costs during metal fabrication processes. Due to the higher acceleration speeds, the laser nozzle can penetrate and power through materials in less time than usual. Compared to manual metal cutting and other forms of machined cutting, 2D laser cutters are the best available.

Knowing the top benefits of 2D laser cutting machines equips plant managers to select the best equipment for the job. No matter what end product you make, our machines at Mac-Tech can help. Explore our 2D laser cutting machine selection online today, and give us a call if you have any questions.

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