Metal is one of the most common elements and compounds in existence, so it’s no wonder that people have tried every which way to fashion it into products. Beginning with centuries-old blacksmithing, the concept of bending and shaping metal with mechanical force took hold in the industrial imagination until the advent and application of the hydraulic press brake. Here’s a sweeping overview of the history of hydraulic press brakes and their place in modern memory.

A Historical Connection to Metal

The modern hydraulic press brake has a stake in a long history of metallurgists who paved the way for the industrial techniques we know today. In earlier eras of human history, metal was a new material that people struggled to use. As the centuries went on, civilization developed ways to melt, bend, hammer, and fashion metal into usable items like weapons, currency, and clothing. And as the breadth of application increased, so did the tools by which blacksmiths shaped their materials.

The Second Industrial Revolution

Much farther down the line came the Industrial Revolution, which reinvented manufacturing processes into more efficient and effective methods. Though the first one was momentous, the Second Industrial Revolution brought even more industrial creativity and technological achievement. Before the turn of the twentieth century, metal presses relied on mechanical power. With the advent and introduction of the hydraulic press brake in this period, workers could manipulate sheet metal quicker and safer than ever before.

Enter: Modern Technology

In the modern era, computers met industrial machines, birthing computer-guided manufacturing systems and tools. For the metalworking industry, this meant that workers could input information via a digital interface and press a button, waiting for a machine to create their vision with exacting mathematical precision. Computer numerical control systems revolutionized modern manufacturing processes, making for a simpler metalworking procedure. These computerized systems have continued to advance since their appearance in the 1970s, culminating in the high-quality tools we fashion at Mac-Tech. Explore our CNC hydraulic press brake for sale online and see why this tool has been many, many years in the making.

Though the history of hydraulic press brakes is quite extensive—from the T-stake to the computerized press—knowing the historical cadence of its technological evolution helps machinists appreciate the modern marvels they use every day. If you need high-quality hydraulic press brakes for your industrial operation, explore our variety of machines at Mac-Tech. Our experts know their way around a press brake and are happy to help you find the exact fit for your enterprise.

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