It’s insane how many tools there are in a metal fabrication shop. It’s hard to know where to look when you walk into one of these establishments. The truth is, though it may be overwhelming to look at, all of the devices play a critical role in the metalworking process. Tube bending machines, for example, help fabricators manipulate sheet metal into the shapes they want. This piece will talk about the different types of tube bending and show why it’s important for supervisors to understand each one.

Rotary Draw Bending

One of the most popular types of tube bending is rotary draw bending. Rotary draw bending machines are made up of three parts: the clamping die, the pressure die, and the radius die. Essentially, the clamping die secures the tube to the bend. Then, fabricators can use CNC technology to draw the two closer together. The tube is then held securely in place against the rotating die by the pressure bend.

Press Bending

Another different type of tube bending is press bending. These machines are more simplistic than rotary draw bending devices. Simply put, a bend die clamps down on a tube while other metal pieces hold it in place. Although the process is more simplistic, it’s not as accurate as rotary draw bending. Since there aren’t as many components on these machines, the bends aren’t as precise. Production levels may decrease when using press bending, as well.

Roll Bending

Fabricators making things like wheel rims might consider using roll bending machines. These devices have three rollers that come in handy during the process. Metalworkers place the sheet metal through the machine and manually get the rollers to move. The rollers will bend the sheet metal as it goes through the device. Roll bending devices are actually easy to use, but can sometimes also be difficult to use because of the mechanics involved.

Without tube bending machines, metal fabricators couldn’t complete the projects on their plates. These devices allow workers to angle sheet metal in ways that would be impossible to do by hand. Supervisors ought to check out Mac-Tech’s selection of devices today, so they can increase productivity and take on more jobs.

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