When the laser cutter came onto the scene, fabricators suddenly had a computer-guided tool to maximize efficiency and precision. CNC fabricating made simple, quick, and plannable cuts and bends a reality. Unlike other devices before it, laser cutting melded the best of the engineering and scientific worlds.

However, it took time for this new tech to permeate the market. Nowadays, you can find laser cutters in thousands of factories worldwide. If you’re curious about the industries that use this technology, here are the different applications of fiber laser cutting machines.

Automotive Parts

Fiber laser cutters are practical tools for metalworking. When you need to cut through sheet metal quickly with minimal waste, a laser cutter is your best bet. The automotive industry relies on perfectly cut metal pieces to build everything from car doors to exhaust systems.

Kitchen Appliances

Stainless steel kitchen appliances are all the rage. Despite the growing trend, engineers must design these tools and create replicable products for mass production. That’s where fiber laser cutting machines come into play—they make steel sheet cutting and manipulation a mass-producible procedure. In fact, the CNC machining system makes it easier than ever to custom-build kitchen appliances for homeowners desiring a more hands-on approach.

Advertising Products

The advertising industry is far more than highway billboards and newspaper ads. Whether you need to cut a custom business sign or build a promotional product, advertisers can rely on the precision of a laser cutting machine. Though an advertising agency itself may not produce the items in-house, it can work with partner facilities to create designs it develops with clients.

Knowing the different applications of fiber laser cutting machines can help you grow your own business. Regardless of your industry, there is bound to be an application for a fiber 2D laser cutting machine. If you’re curious about installing one in your facility, reach out to us at Mac-Tech Inc.

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