When manufacturing products with technical specifications, it’s best to use a CNC bending system. These computer numerical control devices offer precision to manufacturers who need it. Without the computerized, mathematically correct guidance, the slightest misalignment could jeopardize the geometry of a workpiece.

As one may imagine, CNC machining techniques are prevalent in the manufacturing industry. One of the many tools that use such systems is the press brake, which bends sheet and plate materials. Read about the benefits of tandem press brakes in manufacturing facilities.

Better Productivity

Press brakes are crucial tools in the assembly line for many sheet metal-based products. While one press brake can handle a decent workload, it’s always more efficient and effective to utilize several at once. If you need to boost your productivity, a synchronized hydraulic press brake system will work wonders for your business.

Centralized Control

When operating heavy machinery, technicians must always have complete control of the movements. Without proper supervision and precautions, serious injuries can occur. That’s why CNC bending is such a valuable tool—you can guide the computer exactly how you want and watch from the sidelines. When it comes to tandem press brakes, you can actually use one CNC controller to operate the entire network, orchestrating and simplifying the process for faster assembly.

More Applications

A tandem press brake is a useful tool because it can open possibilities for your bending process. You can use each press brake as an individual machine or as one large system, depending on the project. You can also handle larger workpieces and bend more at one time, improving efficiency and widening your operational scope. In fact, you can use a tandem or tridem configuration to utilize two or three press brakes at once.

Knowing the benefits of tandem press brakes can help you make the best decisions for your metal fabrication business. If you have any questions about the tandem press brake or would like to install a tandem system in your facility, reach out to us at Mac-Tech today.

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