Metal fabrication machinery can turn out hundreds, even thousands, of identical parts efficiently. Machines can make precision cuts repeatedly with computer guidance, roll steel into tubes and cut them into exacting lengths, and can achieve near-perfect angles by bending sheet metal.

Sometimes, however, a unique piece or an innovative design requires the creativity to make a one-of-a-kind or previously unheard-of piece. Or a builder, architect, or designer may simply need a metal piece in an unusual size or configuration. Learn the benefits of custom sheet metal bending services.


Standardization is great, but it doesn’t always work for older components or uncommon designs. Industries as diverse as medical device manufacturers, automakers, and furniture manufacturers rely on custom metal fabrication to supply the parts and components they need. Unlike standardized parts that may fit but underperform, customized parts are optimized for a specific application.


Custom-made parts last longer. They fit better because they are made to precise specifications for the job they’re required to do.

One of the major benefits of custom sheet metal bending services is flexibility. You can choose the type of metal and its thickness. And you can choose the angle of the bend that will provide the exact load-bearing capacity, tensile strength, chemical and heat resistance, shape, or angle needed for a given project.


When ductwork is custom bent and cut to fit in an older building or to conserve space and offer greater sustainability in a new one, the pieces are easier to install and require less modification. The same is true of other custom metal fabrication products.

For example, a beam coping machine with a manual controller allows skilled metalworkers to make adjustments to ensure a precise fit. Robotic beam-cutting and drilling machines can perform several different functions on a single piece of metal to quickly produce a beam that is fully prepared for installation in a minimal number of steps.


Custom parts conform to precise specifications, making them more convenient to use. There’s no need to adjust or perform additional finishing services because the production process will have covered these things.

Mac-Tech supplies equipment for custom metal fabrication services. Shops large and small rely on Mac-Tech for new and pre-owned equipment that can perform all the necessary functions to turn out custom metal parts and components.

Mac-Tech has the technology that shops need to produce customized parts and components, from small gears to die-cut and bent sheet metal segments. Mac-Tech provides maintenance, repair, and training for all the machines we sell.

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