The press brake makes quick work of metal fabrication. If your industrial process relies heavily on this fabricating work, then you should consider involving electric press brakes in your production. Here are the advantages of electric press brakes over other types of industrial brake machines.

Rapid Machining Movements

The electric press brake is all about efficiency. Compared to other types, it operates with faster acceleration and deceleration, reducing the wait time between fabricating workpieces. In fact, this metric can cut the cycle time nearly in half.

Efficient Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is a huge deal in manufacturing facilities. With all the machining and work going on, the electric bill can skyrocket quickly. If you need to work on spending, then energy-efficient machines are a great way to trim the budget. Electric press brakes consume considerably less energy than their hydraulic counterparts.

Incorporate Quicker Automation

Automation is a vital technology to incorporate in the industrial sphere. While not all processes have the potential for robot adaptation, the electric press brake is ripe for automated assistance. It surpasses the other forms of brake systems in its capacity for automation. Due to its already accelerated movements, a robotic element would streamline the electric press brake’s fabrication workflow even further.

Expanding your in-house operations is one of the best ways to grow your business and improve your products. When you outsource projects like metal fabrication, you lose that personal touch. By using an electric press brake, you have the opportunity to bend and shape sheet metal to your exact needs with CNC machining precision. With time, you could even take on metal fabrication work from other clients to make a higher profit off your new machines.

Knowing the advantages of electric press brakes can help you make the best decisions for your processing needs. If you’re considering adding an electric press brake to your operations, reach out to our team at Mac-Tech today.

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