The metal fabrication industry has come a long way throughout history. At one point in time, workers had to do everything by hand. Not only did this take forever, it was also backbreaking work. Now, fabricators have many tools at their disposal to make their lives easier. Fortunately for them, manufacturers are just getting started. Here are some of the most significant technology advancements in the metalworking industry everyone should know about.


Like many others in the manufacturing industry, metal fabrication businesses are trying to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Manufacturers are trying to be eco-friendlier by creating machines that use less energy, and as a result, have less impact on the environment. Machines like the EVO III press breaks can perform the same number of jobs by using half the energy. Since everyone should do their part to help keep the Earth clean, supervisors should consider investing in one of these tools.

Fiber lasers

Plasma cutters are some of the most common machines found in metal fabrication shops. These devices help improve shop efficiency, but there’s still more that can be done. Developers have started to create cutting-edge fiber lasers everyone should be envious of. For example, the Ermaksan EPL is perfect for large assembly lines that need to get several projects done without sacrificing accuracy.

Automated Systems

Perhaps the most significant technology advancement in the metalworking industry is automation. Before systems were computerized, workers would have to put themselves in dangerous situations to make adjustments. Yes, metalworking is still an incredibly dangerous job. However, with CNC controls, fabricators can now adjust the computer so they don’t endanger themselves on the floor. Supervisors should be happiest about these advancements since they prevent accidents on the worksite.

So many industries rely on the services fabricators provide. That’s why machines must always be in working order so everyone gets the products they need. Managers interested in any of these top-of-the-line devices should check out Mac-Tech’s site today. We have tons of metal fabrication machinery for sale that’ll improve productivity and help keep workers safe. With these tools, any shop would be the ideal place to work.

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