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9g by 10ft Bi Directional Folding Machine

RAS UpDown Bend 78.30


When the need arises to fold complex parts, the folding direction can change several times. The RAS UpDownBend folding system from RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau can achieve this task without the need to flip the part. This allows to increase productivity and throughput significantly. The new revolutionary and flexible system has a working length of 126'' or 159.85" and is capable folding mild steel sheet thickness of 9 or 11 gauge.


To achieve the maximum safety level, the machine is always operated from the rear of the machine. The front area of the machine needs to be entered only for tool changes. A completely new gauging system automatically adjusts its size to the actual folding situation. On small and narrow parts, the gauging system reduces its size. On larger blank sizes the gauging system increases to its maximum standard depth of 59.5''. Extended gauging systems in J or U shape configuration allow stop dimensions up to 128.75'' or 163.4".


The speed of the UpDownBend machine is also a benefit in the fact that more parts per hour will be produced. Most handling operations will be eliminated due to the unique up and down folding capability. 110 degrees per second folding beam speed and 2.36”/sec travel speed of the upper beam impressively demonstrate the dynamic characteristics of the machine operation.



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Technical Data

Working length:
3200 mm

Material thickness max.:
4 mm

Upper beam upstroke:
600 mm

Telescopic gauging system:
95 – 1510 mm

CNC folding beam adjustment:
150 mm

CNC pivot point adjustment:
± 15 mm

Embedded thumbnail for RAS UpDown Bend 78.30
Embedded thumbnail for RAS UpDown Bend 78.30
Embedded thumbnail for RAS UpDown Bend 78.30
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