R1-High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine

  • Follow-up support for high precision
  • Efficient multi-load loading
  • Chuck jumping for short trailings
  • Intelligent Bus operating System

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R1-High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine



Follow-up Support for High Precision

The machine bed is equipped with highly sensitive and independent servo follow-up support to provide enough support force in rotation cutting and achieve high cutting accuracy.

Efficient Multi-Load Loading

  • R1 Series matches with automatic material racks to achieve loading material in 20s.
  • Automatic material racks can support the tubes with 20mm-120mm diameter and 4m-6.5m length.
  • Automatic material rack is compatible with semi-automatic loading mode for loading one by one.

Chuck Jumping for Short Tailings

* Standard equipped with chuck jumping of the cylinder and R1 Series can shorten the large amplitude of tailing length through chuck jumping.
* Jumping type of high-precision cutting can ensure the cutting accuracy of long tubes by chuck displacement.
* Optional servo chuck jumping can finish chuck jumping action accurately and efficiently.

Intelligent Bus Operating System

  • Various auxiliary functions of tube laser cutting machines to satisfy multiple processing demand
  • R1 series is equipped with professional nesting software to achieve efficient management of production progress and price calculations.

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