LazerSafe LS-FM Folding Machine Laser Safety and Guarding Systems

NEW Folding Machine Safety

LazerSafe LS-FM

The LazerSafe LS-FM folding machine laser safety and guarding system is specially designed for folding machine application. It provides a complete safety solution, including:

  • Three sensing zones (front, middle, and rear)
  • Optical protection of the clamping operation
  • Clamp position and stopping performance (overrun) monitoring
  • Management of additional machine safety components

The system also features a dual laser transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) set, which provide optical protection along the length of the clamping area. As the clamp closes, the system monitors the area between clamp and material. If any foreign obstruction is detected the clamp closing movement is stopped. This level of protection eliminates the need for a safety stop on each clamp operation thereby increasing machine productivity.

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  • Simple setup
  • Laser guarding of the clamp operation for improved safety and productivity
  • Eliminates the need for safety stop on every clamp cycle
  • Selectable blanking mode for high speed hemming operation
  • Encoder feedback provides automatic closed loop monitoring of the clamp control, position and stopping performance (overrun)
  • The mute point is automatically detected and easily set with continuous monitoring of the clamp position
  • The intelligent LCD operator panel with on-screen instructions and easy to read messages makes the system simple to operate
  • Monitoring of the foot switch, emergency stop buttons and gate switches
  • Management of additional safety components – light curtains, safety mats, laser scanners, etc.