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Lantek Integra

Lantek Integra is an integration software that allows users to manage all the key processes of their metal fabrication shop: from the initial process of sales until the end service support. 


The program is made up of 7 functional modules that focus on complete integration of all current and future management needs:

  • Lantek Integra: Manufacturing  complete solution for optimizing manufacturing processes and integration with CAD/CAM solutions

  • Lantek Integra: Products  manages product information

  • Lantek Integra: CRM  organizees and optimizes the contact information of all prospective and existing customers in a clear and precise way

  • Lantek Integra: Sales  a central location to share necessary information amongst all employees involved in the sales process

  • Lantek Integra: Inventory  inventory management solution that provides a real time view of all the key information relating to the quantity and valuation of stock for each warehouse

  • Lantek Integra: Purchases  supplies required information for all purchasing tasks

  • Lantek Integra: Banking  complete solution to manage and plan, simplify, and automate the financial activities and resources of the business you can pick and choose which are best for you, or utilize them all as a single, powerful platform.


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  • Workshop Management — Lantek Integra Manufacturing allows users to reserve materials for a specific job, monitor the volume of work in real time, manage completed operations, and monitor the optimization of various resources (machines, workers, sub-contracting). Users can also mark job priority, ensuring optimal workflow.
  • Monitoring the Manufacturing Process — Lantek Integra Manufacturing has many advanced functions for grouping and prioritizing parts according to: machine, material, thickness, delivery date, sale order, customer, and more. At any time, users can check the status of a product.
  • Time & Cost Optimization — From the manufacturing order list, the user can launch the CAD/CAM application to create nests. Nestin is optimized according to material and manufacturing time.
  • Analysis & History of Products — Lantek Integra Manufacturing compares estimated and actual costs for all manufacturing orders. In order to analyze the manufacturing area, the system provides different information tools covering manufacturing orders, incurred costs, volume of work, changes of orders, etc. It also contains an advanced manufacturing history management. All finished manufacturing orders go directly to the “history” section.


  • Monitoring Manufacturing Process — Lantek Integra Products is fully integrated with 2D CAD solutions, as well as major 3D CAD design systems such as: SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, and Autodesk Inventor®.  3D assemblies can be imported with their full Bill of Materials. All sheet metal parts within the assembly are automatically unfolded. The module includes a set of powerful standard format importers. These importers provide a fast and intuitive way to optimize the creation of parts. In addition, Lantek Integra Products is totally integrated with document management tools, allowing users to edit, visualize, and manage all documents associated with the products.
  • Cost & Price Management — Lantek Integra Products automatically calculates the corresponding costs of each product, including: work site, material, and labor costs. Users can manage costs and prices for different product types, and the data is automatically transferred to other modules such as sales, purchases, and inventory management.
  • Reserve Management — Whenever a sales or manufacturing order is launched, Lantek Integra Products generates product requirements and reserves automatically. Users may define a minimum stock amount so that the system will generate a product requirement as soon as this amount is breached.
  • Analysis & History of Products — Lantek Integra Products integrates all data with products, fulfilled orders, manufacturing orders, sales, prices, descriptions, etc. It then generate a simple analysis of the data for users to view.


  • Product Structure Management (BOM) — Lantek Integra BOM is an option specially designed for companies that produce and/or administer their own product structure management (i.e., products with a specific number of components and sub-components to be manufacture or purchased). Lantek Integra BOM allows users to simulate the complete product structure and its associated components, quantity, type, operations, costs, prices, and dimensions.



  • Customer Optimization — Lantek Integra CRM supplies all the necessary information to optimize contact with customers, and prospective ones, in a clear and precise way.

  • Ease of Use & Flexibility — Any element of the quotation or calculation may be user-modified to suit the particular customer or project. The user may incorporate other tools, such as Excel, for quotations and standards.

  • Integration:
         - Lantek CAD/CAM Solutions — The CRM links directly to Lantek CAD/CAM solutions, simulates a nest, and automatically calculates the costs and time associated with each part, process, and assembly based on the geometry, material, thickness, and associated operations defined.
          - Other Lantek Integra Software — Once the quote is generated and accepted by the customer, the user may generate a sales order and transfer it automatically to the manufacturing department.

  • Quotes — Lantek Integra CRM creates and manages quotes for bending, painting, welding, and assembly of sheet metal parts, profiles, and product structures. Designed for professionals involved in the quotation process, it does not require advanced expertise in designing or nesting.

  • Cost and Sale Price Calculation and Comparison — Lantek Integra CRM calculates and shows all costs in detail: material, labor, machine, etc.  Users can easily compare costs and sales prices based on technology and/or materials used.

  • History & Analysis of CRM —.Lantek Integra CRM allows powerful, simple graphic visualization and analysis of all customer contact and sales data. Activity and trends can be easily identified and monitored.



  • Sales Orders Management — Lantek Integra Sales provides integral management of all sales orders. Whenever an offer is made, the system gathers all available quote information and makes it available to specified users. All specified users can track the orders’ progress and statuses in real time via customizable interfaces.

  • Invoices — Lantek Integra Sales manages all registered sales invoices, whether made against a sales order, against a delivery note, or on demand. Users can access invoices and pending shipments via user-configured views and specified filters (invoices to account, invoices accounted, invoices paid, etc.). The detailed registration of each sales invoice is fully integrated with the accounting modules and the estimated payments.

  • Risk Management — Lantek Integra Sales includes risk management functionality for the entire business. Every time a sales element is registered, whether it is an order, delivery note, or invoice, the system checks the element against the current total risk and advises accordingly. Should the risk limit be exceeded, users may lock the customer, redefine the limit, and/or lock the order.

  • Compatibility — Lantek Integra Sales is completely integrated with all other Lantek Integramanagement modules. All stages of your business can be perfectly integrated so that the information is automatically relayed from one stage to the next.

  • Analysis & History of Sales — Lantek Integra Sales provides various tools to analyze the complete sales cycle, such as detailed management reports, sales orders, concurrent costs, pending invoices, histories, etc. This information allows your business to provide better service to its customers by keeping all those involved updated regarding the progress of the sales order, manufacturing, consignment, and invoicing



  • Stock Management — Lantek Integra Inventory constantly maintains the most up-to-date information on: sheet metal, remnants, profiles, pieces, purchased products, finished products, and more. All remnants after cutting are generated and managed in the warehouse module.
  • Cost Management — Lantek Integra Inventory will automatically update product each time the user makes a warehouse movement from any Lantek Integra module, keeping information up-to-date on all stock product.
  • Tracking Management — Lantek Integra Inventory manages the tracking and serial or batch numbers for all received goods. Users can generate, assign, or edit custom serial or batch numbers whenever a product is received and automatically group it with existing stock.
  • Backlog Management —Lantek Integra Inventory displays the quantities in stock and shows the status of each item (availablereservedorders pending, or delivered). For each material reservation, the system shows the origin and reason for the reservation and allows the creation of custom reservation tags.
  • Receipts & Shipping Management — Lantek Flex3d Inventory manages all your receipts for you, both executed and pending. The system includes complete analogue shipping management.
  • Multi-Warehouse Management — Lantek Integra Inventory allows for integrated control over several warehouses at the same time. The software allows users to survey individual warehouses or overall inventory. Users also have the ability to assign different warehouses to various locations and/or products according to your needs.
  • History & Analysis of Inventory — Lantek Integra Inventory is a powerful tool for history and inventory analysis. The software automatically provides the Inventory Manager with the complete history of warehouse movements, inventories executed between specific dates, generated receipts and documentation, economic valuation of the stock, and more. By using filters, users can easily access search invoices.
  • Barcode Reader — Lantek Flex3d Inventory is fully integrated with Lantek Workshop Capture barcode reader solution. This allows users to register inventory movements, transfers, adjustments, and inquiries by barcode terminals.
  • Compatibility — Lantek Integra Inventory is totally integrated with the other management modules of Lantek Integra. Together, they become an effective system, able to manage everything from inventory to sales and manufacturing. The system is integrated with the Lantek Expert CAD/CAM nesting solutions software, allowing it to manage sheet metal remnants in real time.



  • Supplier Management — Lantek Integra Purchases organizes all information associated with your company’s suppliers. By selecting a supplier company, users are able to view all related information, such as: purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, purchase prices per item, supply conditions, and more. Lantek Integra Purchases retains a full historical record of all purchases and information received from different suppliers.
  • Purchase Orders — Lantek Integra Purchases manages all purchase orders, their statuses, and all information associated with them. After receiving the supplies, a purchase invoice is generated and the order status is automatically updated. The system generates the purchase invoice automatically from user-defined material needs.
  • Stock Management & Purchase Needs — With Lantek Integra Purchases, users can easily view either summarized or detailed inventory for each configured warehouse. Purchases can be easily managed or automated according to the business’ needs.
  • Receipts & Purchase Invoices — Lantek Integra Purchases allows users to automatically generate delivery notes associated with a purchase order or specific purchase item as soon as the material(s) are received in the warehouse.
  • Tracking — The input material and tracking number are automatically managed by the system. The tracking number follows the life cycle of the connected part or product. The system also manages all relevant documentation, such as quality certificates, supply conditions, rules, etc.
  • Compatibility — Lantek Integra Purchases is totally integrated with other Lantek Integramanagement modules, creating an effective system for planning material requirements. This system is able to calculate requirement of each key areas such as minimum stock, generate sales orders, create management order, and generate dynamic nests.
  • History & Purchase Process Analysis — Lantek Integra Purchases is a powerful, strategic analysis tool that generates and organizes critical information such as history of purchases, material receipts and documentation, invoicing by item and/or supplier, etc.



  • Management of Bank Payment Instructions — Lantek Integra Banking allows users to generate automatic payment instructions such as: batch bank transfers, checks, promissory notes, etc., which may be printed or output digitally as required.
  • Bank Balance Management — Each time a new transaction is recorded, the system automatically updates any predicted balances and assigns all relevant identification and detail information, such as: creation date, due date, customer reference, etc.
  • Credit Control — Credit balances can be analyzed as required by region, sector, date, etc. The payment status window allows users to view, analyze, and manage all outstanding payments, filtered by customer, date, sales person, etc. Any overdue payments are easily highlighted and the system has the facility to add any penalties for late payments. As payments are received, the account information is automatically updated.
  • Multi-Company Management — Lantek Integra Banking is an integrated management system developed to support multi-sector operations with different offices, capacities, languages, processes, and management methods. It easily manages each independent factor, automatically and simply, so that your data remains consolidated and protected.
  • Compatibility — Lantek Integra Banking is fully integratable with all sectors of your business: Sales, Purchases, Inventory Management, Assets, etc.
  • Historical Data Record & Balance Analysis — Lantek Integra Banking is able to generate a simple visual report of all transactions for any user-defined period at any time. The report can be filtered by category and may be color coded to emphasize areas of importance.