Intec i713 - G2®

New machine with ESP66, spares, maintenance tool kit, Single Abrasive Cutting Head, water raise/lower, Tech-Sense, remote pendant, Softec Software, Installation & Training

The Intec-G2® Value Series of Water Jet Cutting Systems represents the greatest “VALUE” for money available in the world of profile abrasive Waterjet cutting. The Intec-G2® can cut almost any material to 8″ thick at maximum cutting speeds with minimum Capital outlay. The Intec-G2® is based on the same design platform as the Techjet-X3®. It is these same design solutions that will provide each Intec-G2® customer with a Waterjet machine that lasts longer and requires less maintenance, while delivering an easy to use, fast and accurate system at a very competitive price.


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Machine Size (L, W, H)
(Does not include pumps or control cabinet)
5800 x 3400 x 2100 mm
(19′ x 11’2″ x 6’10”)

Machine weight
4100 kg (9040 lb)

Machine weight
(with water)
13600 kg (30000 lb)

Cutting Table Size†
2020 x 4400 mm
(7′ 10″ x 14′ 5″)

Cutting Area†
2100 x 4100 mm
(7′ x 13′)

Accuracy of Motion*
± 0.15mm (0.006″)

Repeatability of Motion*
± 0.05 mm (0.002″)

Max. Air Speed
17.5m/min (700 ipm)

Max. Cutting Speed
17.5m/min (700 ipm)

Max. Material Thickness**
200 mm (8″)


The drive system is a robust and unique design providing super-fast cutting speeds and traverse speeds of almost 1000″/min (25,000mm/min), with high acceleration and deceleration rates, while maintaining high tolerances.

  • Capable of positional accuracy of +/- 0.004″ over entire cutting area.
  • Fully enclosed Bellows that are Double Stitched and Vulcanized
  • Highest quality German made, machine grade linear bearings
  • Stainless Steel Loading Strip
  • Servo “Z” axis with convenient controls at the cutting head



Softec™ Waterjet Software

Every Intec-G2® comes standard with Softec™ Waterjet Cutting Software. Some of the features of Softec™ include:

  • DXF Importation
  • Re-Start Cutting from Anywhere
  • Simple to use C.A.D. package
  • Real Time Running and Simulation
  • Focussing Tube Wear Compensation
  • Multiple Origin Points
  • Standard Objects library
  • Offsite notification (option for Intec)

For more features head to the Softec™ page and download the full PDF brochure.


Softec™ software runs on the very latest in controller technology, the AM2000. Developed by ANCA, one of the pioneers in servo control technology, and a leader in the very demanding “CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder” market, the AM2000 delivers maximum acceleration with ultrahigh speed feedback to ensure minimum processing time with maximum accuracy and best surface finish. It also incorporates “patented” technology such as the MPG wheel (option for Intec) which allows the operator to take the machine along the cutting path, forwards or backwards to any point, simply by winding the hand wheel. Other features includes those like;

  • Designs are automatically imported and translated from DXF part files
  • Design Mode separate from the cutting operation
  • Software button control on the main console
  • High visibility beacon light, green



TECHNI Waterjet’s new control system, the AM2000, utilizes the very latest CNC and Digital Servo Drive system. Developed by our control system partner, ANCA, the world leader in CNC Tool and Cutter Grinders. ANCA was one of the pioneers of CNC Technology, beginning manufacture in 1974, and today is one of the world’s most respected CNC developers.



The AM2000 provides the following benefits:

  • Single processor architecture gives high processing speed and improved reliability. Data need not be transferred from the user interface processor to the machine control processor. One processor handles all functions without compromising speed and performance.
  • Touch screen interface is a more “natural interface” for the operator, eliminating the need for an external pointing device.
  • USB support allows the user to connect a large range of consumer devices such as USB flash disks, external hard disks, printers, digital cameras etc.
  • TECHNI online support allows for remote monitoring, diagnostics and support.
  • Network backup including intranet access and file transfer to workstation.
i713-G2 Brochure
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