NEW Single Miter Band Saw

HydMech BLUE LINE SERIES (Single Miter)

HYDMECH's Blue Line Series manual single miter band saws are economical, standard duty saws that have a smaller footprint than larger models, but are designed to last in a maintenance shop. The Blue Line Series is ideal for light- to medium-duty applications including:

  • Tubing
  • Channels
  • Angles
  • Solids
  • Light- to medium-grade alloys
  • Non-ferrous and stainless materials

​​The Blue Line Series offers precision, speed, and versatility for all your light production needs.

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    PH211 PH261
right only
 Left   60° 60°
 Right   - -

rectangular, at 90°

 Height   7 9/10" 9 1/2"
 Width   5 9/10" 6 1/3"


  84" x 3/4" 96" x 1"
MOTOR   1 HP 1.5 HP
OPERATION   Manual Manual


  • Sturdy base
  • Heavy duty saw head capable of 60° mitering
  • Auto shut-off at cut completion
  • Manually controlled vise clamping and saw frame