Side Loading Fiber Laser

FIBERMAK SL - G Force: Side Loading Fiber Laser

Introducing the NEW Ermaksan Fibermak SL side loading fiber laser. The new side loading design is the right choice for workshops with limited space, without compromising the standards and quality of the Fibermak Momentum Gen-3 G Force.


  • Space saving design.
  • Standards and quality of Fibermak Momentum Gen-3 G Force.
  • Productivity is increased on average 15% per hour.

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The controller lets the operator command the machine. The controller is durable to all environmental effects. Active touch screen and functional keyboard. Short cut buttons provide ease-of-use. You can access the desired functions faster and easier. Speed adjustment potentiometer allows you to adjust the axes velocities even during the cutting operation. NC graphic shows online nesting.



The laser beam is delivered to the cutting head by fiber optic cable with QBH connector. The laser is delivered to the focusing lens after being collimated by collimation lens. Laser beam is set to desired focus point by automatic focusing unit. The protection glass protects the optics from the particles which are caused by the cutting operation. The sensor insert is the unit of height control system and helps to adjust the distance between material and cutting head. Height of the cutting head is controled with the most precise sensors in the market. This helps to produce better cuts. The nozzle is used to control the assist gases. It is also a part of the capacitive sensor of height control system. Cutting head has three protective glasses, so optics are isolated from outside factors. Cutting head has bluetooth connection ability to give details about the cutting head without stopping cutting processes. Decreased weight of the cutting head gives ability to move easily between parts.



The Ytterbium solid state laser beam is created inside the laser unit. Excitation is performed by laser diodes enabling high efficiency with low costs. Laser beam created at the resonator is transferred to the cutting head by a fiber- optic cable without loss of power or quality. This provides a high beam quality appropriate for metal cutting. The Power range of resonator source is between 500W and 6 kW. As the power increases so does the cutting speed and capacity respectively. Fiber Lasers are inherently made for maintenance free production. The importance is sustainable diode life lasting approximately 100,000 hours. In any defective situation, part changing is easy because modules are designed for plug-n-play.



The chiller unit cools down the laser source, the linear motors, and collimation unit: inside the cutting head.



It provides a convenient working area by absorbing little particles and smokes occur while in production. It automatically works once the cutting starts. The suction cells open actively according to the cutting head’s position. This provides accurate absorption.



Fibermak’s automation equipment modules consist of drivers, IO units, height sensor, focal unit, shuttle table equipment etc. and their connections. The automation board enables the correct connection and cabling in the system resulting in a less defective ratio. This will provide easy servicing.



The conveyor is situated under the cutting area where small parts and scraps drop to a wheeled container.


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