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Container Service Group: Fibermak Gen 3

This Ermaksan Fibermak Gen 3 3015 2000W Fiber Laser was recently installed at Container Service Group in Rockdale IL

Container Service Group runs a factory of eco-efficiency while starting with the Evolution Series press brake then a sporty little micro bend. Now, they utilize this efficient fiber laser with its own assist gas generator. Parts shown were cut in minutes, taking weeks off lead times by creating their own assist gas using the Kaiser screw compressor and holding tank, containing 90 percent nitrogen. Quality stainless cutting is achieved without heavy costs

The company owner stated, "This laser is cheaper to operate than my hot tub!"

Read CSG's article about the laser in the May 2016 issue of the FFJournal: http://mac-tech.com/news/ffjournal-may-2016-laser-technology

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