Brushes, Belt and Cylinder


Jonsen machines use high quality deburring material to ensure that you get the best finish possible. These belts, brushes and cylinders are easy to replace for your convenience. We offer various type of deburring material such abrasive nylon filament, steel wire, abrasive flap+scotch, and abrasive flap.


Abrasive belt: 

Used for our SG series deburring machine.

Jonsen has been doing abrasive belt/sand belt joint work for more than 20 years. The procedure includes: Large surface belt cut, grinding the belt edge, glue, high pressure press etc. We offer various kinds of belts all over the world like VSM, Hermes, NCA, Dear, etc.

Disk brush: 
Used for our SD series deburring machine.

The disk brush is used for deburring flat parts or 3D contoured parts. The diameter of disk brush is normally 150mm or 165mm.

Deburring belt:
Used for our SBG series top bottom deburring machine.
We offer various type of deburring materials for our belts, such as abrasive nylon filament, steel wire, abrasive flap+scotch, abrasive flap, etc for different applications. The deburring blocks are screwed on a rubber belt and are easy to replace.
Abrasive cylinder:
Used for our SP series flexible deburring machine  
The abrasive cylinder, used on our SP machine, has thousands of abrasive slip pressed on a foam base. Every abrasive slips turns and works on every edge of work piece. This type of deburring tool works under low heat, won't remove laser paper or damage the surface, and deburrs evenly. Different grit of abrasive cylinder available.

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