ABM-E80 Tube Bending Machine

The Akyapak ABM-E80 Tube Bending Machine can bend tubes up to 80 mm diameter with high quality and accuracy. The machine has a complete electric moduler design and can be operated within the stack quantity range up to four pieces with certain diameter sizes. Machine has a complete electric modular design and can be operated up to 4 dies with certain diameter sizes. This provides operational ability for different bending radius values.

The ABM series of tube bending machines is produced by AKYAPAK with “High Technology” from the best quality range components, for various lengths, providing excellent results for tube bending operations of tubes up to 38, 50, 76 mm tube diameters. AKBEND ABM machines can bend mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and similar bendable materials in simple and complex shapes. ABM CNC Tube Bending Machines realize bending operations automatically one by one in multi steps, which provides easiness and efficiency for users. Serial productions or single bending operations’ costs are decreased significantly. Programming and usage of programs is considerably user-friendly and easy. All the operator needs to do is feed tubes through machines and select the program of bending operation.

Perfect for:

  • automative 
  • furniture 
  • cooling-heating 
  • insulation
  • similar manufacturers which target high quality for their productions

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Technical Features:

• All axies with servo control

• Controlling ability of servo axis speeds from control panel

• Footpedal control

• Step by step and full automatic working capability

• Four stacks operational ability (for certain diameter sizes)

• Dies can be supplied for any demanded size

• Operational ability with/without mandrel.

• Simple or complex shaped bendings for steel, stainless

steel, aluminum and similar bendable materials

• Auto-lubrication for mandrel

• Practical interface program prepared in Akyapak

• Program making possibility in YBCmode

• Tube length can be calculated according top art program

• Motion controller system

• Online Modem Connection / CD-ROM Backup

• 3D preview ofwriten program

• 15” color touchscreen PC.

• Starting up serial production after short period training

• Suitable for CE,ISO9001-2008, TSEK and TURQUM certificates

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