Swing Beam Shears

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Swing Beam Style Metal Cutting Shears | Hydraulic, Guillotine & Mechanical | Custom Metal Fabrication Machinery | Ermaksan USA | HGD, HGS | Mac-Tech Inc.


Do you often find burrs on the cut pieces, because you forgot to adjust the blade clearance properly? Are you often miffed at twisted small parts and too big remnant parts? Do you often walk around your existing machine to collect semi-finished parts and have to bring them back to the front of the shear? Do you often miss the backgauge as the light gauge material hangs down behind the blade? Do you have to handle most workpieces again after cutting for sorting them according to size and for separating scrap? If you are fighting these problems, RAS offers you the perfect solution. The RAS POWERcut swing beam shear: powerful, easy-to-use, accurate.

RAS powercut shear
RAS powercut shear table
CNC control
Cut parts
Cut part